Are you looking for links in Denmark? Here\’s helping you with that.

09 August 2021
Mayank Verma
Are you looking for links in Denmark? Here\'s helping you with that.

Link building continues to be an intrinsic part of SEO techniques that have helped content rank in the top search results since the times of the web. Despite Google’s guidelines against using this to boost SEO traffic, the practice has only been on the rise.

Why is it unethical?

When the algorithm for Google search was released, many agencies started exploiting the hell out of the loophole. With increasing malpractices, Google started downgrading the backlinks-powered content. However, it didn’t stop the algorithm from being vulnerable to exploits, as businesses started using this to create backlinks for their competitors to push them out of the competition. Negative SEO was thus born.

Over time, Google hasn’t precisely declared how it indexes the search results. The trusted sources with repeated SEO-optimized content take the cake in the best rankings; this is for sure.

How should one create backlinks?

The best practice would be to hire a link-building provider, especially if one is unaware of the practice. While creating backlinks, one must ensure that they appear authentic and ethical enough to the search algorithm. Spamming the web with a link to your content could end up proving detrimental to your organic reach.

The Do-Follow links, which also go by the name of “Contextual Link,” are the best for link building.

Is it really that important?

To put it in straight words: yes. No content can rank better on its own, even if all the other SEO methodologies are in effect. Links are what make the web, and any content that is bereft of external links can’t rank in the top results.

What businesses and services can do is hire SEO experts who also specialize in link building. They can create guest blogs and other practices for your content to have a robust network of backlinks. If you’re one of those businesses looking for links in Denmark, we have some recommendation to make: